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三石精神 About Us
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三石精神 About Us







Trilogy International is a global trading company represents many world-famous food & beverage retailed brands in Taiwan. 
We are the exclusive distributor of FIJI Water, La Mere Poulard biscuits, Koi Kei Bakery, BURTS chips, Mrs. Fields Cookies, 
Doutor Café,, and many other  world premium brands in Taiwan. 
We also have our proprietary branded French Toasts manufactured in Thailand and are now sold in Taiwan, Singapore, and
soon will be in HK and Macau.We do direct business with COSTCO Wholesale, CVS chains, supermarkets, hypermarkets, Hotels,
Restaurants, Cafes, TV Shopping and online stores with over 10,000 distribution channels.
As a Distributor
As a sole distributor, Trilogy always utilizes all of our resource to market and promote the brand/product,
executing both above and below the line promotion and marketing events.We currently are the sole
distributor of FIJI Water, La Mere Poulard biscuits , BURTS chips,  Koi Kei Bakery, Mrs. Fields Cookies, Doutor
Café, Triple M Seaweeds,  and many  other more world premium confectioneries in Taiwan. 
As Broker/Dealer
Trilogy also helps other importers to introduce their products into our existing channels, and provide many
other more services. What service we could offer to other importers:
  • Warehousing
  • Logistic
  • Account Opening
  • Shelving
  • Marketing
Trilogy has a wide range of products from :
  • Taiwan Organic Rice
  • Japan / Thailand / America (Jelly Belly & Snyder’s)
  • Korean Instant Noodles, Drinks
As Supplier
Not only being a distributor, Trilogy also creates products.
From Packaging to Manufacturing to Marketing.
Trilogy creates its own Scallop Sauces and French Toasts
Trilogy’s fully covered channels
  • Hotels
  • H.O.D
  • Retail
  • CVS
  • Wholesale
  • HORECAClubs
  • Online  TV
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